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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Tragic" - Hello Sister

We’ve all had that one friend that would think the world revolved around them. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? The majority of the conversations you have with them somehow manage to constantly be all about them and their problems, but nothing more. Putting this energy towards others, especially when it’s constant and negative, is honestly so draining. In “Tragic”, the Pop-Rock sister trio, Hello Sister, tells this person off and lets them know that maybe the problem is actually them and that nobody has time for that. I think I would agree with this too.

In this extremely high energy song that you’ll find yourself bobbing your head to, you can catch the electric guitar and drums which provide this lively feeling to the listeners, making them want to get on their feet and dance along. There’s nothing wrong with ranting, but it becomes a problem when you make it all about yourself everytime you’re conversing with a friend. Placing your problems onto others, being full of drama, and not letting things go will only lead to one thing and one thing only. You’ll just push your friends away. This will be the end result because the drama is all they’re going to think about whenever they see you. It’s a draining situation to be in, and nobody likes that. They touch on ending a friendship for this reason by saying, “Always get caught up in your mess and I need to get out”, as well as, “I won’t hesitate, watch me cut you loose.” Honestly, I’m sure that we all would do the same thing, right?! Letting these types of “friends” go definitely feels freeing. All you want in a friendship and conversation are good vibes and positivity. Being full of drama and talking your head off about yourself is going to make the other person feel used, and in this case, Hello Sister definitely did feel that way. They share, “I think I’m done being used.” I promise asking about their days, or anything else other than what you’re annoyed about can go a long way. They also share more of their relatable frustration by asking, “Why are you the only thing we talk about”, and stating that this person is, “More into drama than you're into me.” Lastly, the last lyric of the song is a realization and message learned throughout all of this. “If life is so tragic, maybe the problem is you.” Exactly!

Hello Sister is a sister trio that are singers and songwriters from Orlando, Florida. This band is made up of 16 year-old Grace who’s the lead vocalist and plays the keyboard and bass, 15 year-old Gabriella who plays the electric guitar, and 14 year-old Scarlett on the drums. These teens are insanely talented with their impressive vocals, different sound, and high energy performances. All together, they’re phenomenal to watch perform, and are a breath of fresh air in the music scene. You may have also seen them on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent where they performed one of their original songs, “Middle Schooler.” They received all 4 yes’s and made it on through. Check out more of Hello Sister by keeping up with them on their socials with the links below, as well as streaming and singing along to their latest single, “Tragic”, which is out now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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