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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Trashy State of Mind" - Kahone Concept

Making memorable pop, especially in the contemporary state of saturation, requires an understanding and commitment to developing character and personality. Kahone Concept has spent his music career demonstrating this perfectly: imbuing each song with its own charm and concept. "Trashy State Of Mine" is quirk-fueled pop at its slickest. Layers of vocals bend and accent each line about feeling unglamorous in glamorous places. "My trashy habits follow me," he exclaims before a delayed, new wave synth ripples through the mix. Kahone cites Prince as a major reference for this song, and there are faint flavors of 1999-era funk-pop synths and choral coos. The subtle-and-sweet guitar and drum machine certainly points towards Prince's Dirty Mind album. But "Trashy State of Mind" is structured more loosely and smoothly, matching Kahone's unserious humor in interviews. The song feels like a funhouse of warped mirrors and neon lights, bursting with confetti and idiosyncrasy.

That description, of a funhouse, is particularly apt to the song's sense of displacement. Lines such as, "if it's free that's where I'll be," are delivered and arranged to sound pretty luxurious. Inspired by a gig in a Manhattan social club, Kahone flaunts his less glamorous habits as though they are hedonistic escapades. "Looks like I'll get my hotel pool on!" Just as Prince penned "1999" to partying through impending doom, Kahone Concept pens "Trashy State of Mind" to partying through an overdrawn bank account. "I've got nothing on my mind; I'm just floating," he hums in the first verse. Without the burden of shame, fun and joy can take centerstage over pride and insecurity.

Being a software developer and singer/songwriter have served Ben Kahone's artistry in surprising ways. Whether it's coding his own website (linked below) or coding websites to help other artists find playlists, having the technological backgrounds goes hand-in-hand with his work under the Kahone Concept project. Releasing his first song in 2018, Kahone shortly followed it up with his debut EP, And Then, My Five. In 2020, Kahone began releasing on a consistent basis, but nothing could quite match his pace beginning in April of 2023. That's when the artist began his plans to release a song a month for twelve months. "Trashy State of Mind" is Kahone's ninth song in the project, which has been a thrilling display of his characterful pop sound.

Written By Andy M.

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