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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Treat Me Right (Bubble Song)" - Madeleine McPherson

Relationships can be so fulfilling and truly can boost one's confidence so much. However, every once and a while some red flags are overlooked and you find out (too late) that maybe your partner is not as good for you as you thought they were. The relationship breaks you down and sends you spiraling, and you are left realizing that you have to leave them for your own good. Madeleine McPherson’s latest release “Treat Me Right (Bubble Song)” describes this very phenomenon, and details her own experience with this issue. The song is heartfelt and extremely uplifting, as McPherson also sings about how she is so much better than she was before now that she is out of this toxic relationship. The song’s makeup is simplistic and ebbs and flows with her lyrics, which truly highlights the content and how genuine McPherson’s work is.

Her lyrics really hit home to anyone who has been in this scenario, making her such a relatable artist. The soundscape of the chorus swells as she sings hard hitting lyrics like “I had to leave you / for you to treat me right” and “Now it's all over / I’m so much better than before”. Sure the choice to leave was painful and hard, but she knows that now she is in a better place and that without a doubt it was the right move. The bridge dives deep into how McPherson felt when she was in the relationship- how once she realized how much he was hurting her, it was all that she could see. She drives her point home and finishes the song with a punch as she sings “You thought you were special / You thought that I’d never leave / You thought I would care for you forever / Sorry to burst your bubble baby”. She emphasizes her point and hits her ex with a line that truly shows how much pain she was in.

Madeleine McPherson is 23-years-old, and was raised in Kent, England. She attributes a part of her unique sound to the fast paced and contemporary vibes of the city, as well as time spent in the more calm countryside with her father. She has only been releasing music on Spotify since 2022, and has built up a following on social media that is drawn to her profound lyrics and powerful vocals. Her songs discuss her real life experiences, and fans feel all the more connected to her as an artist because of how honestly she portrays life events. She thanks the many artists she grew up admiring for her soundscape, such as Etta James, Miley Cirus, Adele, and Aretha Franklin. She is only at the start of her career, and is certainly not one to miss. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Madeleine.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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