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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Trees" - Daphzie

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"Trees" by Daphzie is a song that has all the best elements of pop, rock, and indie music, making it a gorgeous and unique blend of sounds that is uniquely Daphzie. The lyrics describe feelings of being overwhelmed by emotions like anxiety and loneliness. The track has a moody and angsty feel that is spot on for the detailed and universal emotions. “Trees” is effortlessly cool and has a similar vibe to artists like Beabadoobee, Slowly Slowly, and Pale Waves. Daphzie has a soft voice that complements the heavy guitar that leaves you wishing the number was longer. Overall, this is a sensational song that you have to give a listen to.

“Trees” begins with a mellow guitar soundscape. When Daphzie starts singing about her feelings, the guitar starts to rev up. The way the melody builds as she describes the heightening emotions, makes it seem as though it reflects the lyrics' intensity. This illusion makes every chorus feel like a climax of feelings. It also makes the following verses sound as though she has snapped out of this bad mental space as the melody calms down, especially as she repeats the final lyrics, “I always knew”. Altogether, this is an incredible track that balances emotional lyricism and phenomenal instrumental.

Daphzie, formerly known as Lili Crane, is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. She has had a passion for music ever since she was a kid and started playing gigs at pubs at 14 years old. At 15 years she was recognized for her talent and won a competition in Brisbane that had her flying to Nashville to work on her country music. As she has grown, her musical direction changed and she started making indie rock/pop, when at 17 years old she released an EP titled, “In My Head”. Due to the success of this project, she was able to headline a show. As time passed she changed her stage name to Daphzie and performed at the popular 2023 Gum Ball Festival.

Written By Stephanie Berning

Revised By Kaitlyn Nicole


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