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  • Megan Cao

Review: "trigger" - Ysabel

“trigger” is a hidden gem focusing on the raw numbness of anger, shedding light on such intense feelings of rage that someone would instead feel nothing at all. Painting a seamless picture of rage, regret, and numbness in her lyrics, Ysabel has a personal connection towards this perspective that so many can relate to yet so few discuss so openly. Her willingness to depict the nasty side of others with raw honesty about complex emotions and conflicting perspectives sets her apart as someone who’s genuine and stark about themselves.

Collaborating with electronic pop artist Megan Lara Mae and accomplished producer Ben Loveland, Ysabel demonstrates her unique blend of sweet melodies amongst punchy lyrics. Ysabel’s intention with this masterpiece goes beyond simply highlighting an emotion or perspective; instead, she intends to engage in honest conversations that acknowledge her own vulnerability and compassion, reminding her listeners that genuine connections are built through shared experiences and inspiring each other to improve. Ysabel's music uplights and resonates with anyone and everyone, paying much-needed attention to recognizing and deconditioning someone's triggers.

Just entering her new rebrand, Ysabel’s focus on her growth and resilience as a singer, songwriter, and creator is a testament to her mental fortitude and determination. As a black woman in the UK, she recognizes the stigmas of mental health, which is what her upcoming album focuses on. Built on her personal experiences from being diagnosed with depression a decade ago to being diagnosed with ADHD and GAD two years ago, Ysabel reflects on her past decade and the lens that mental battles shape her perspective and worldview.

Written By Megan Cao


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