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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "Trouble Maker" - Silent

If you're looking for funky club or house music that will make you dance, "Trouble Maker" by Silent is definitely worth listening to. The upbeat nature of the song is sure to make you "shake your body in the club." With many layers of percussion, techno sounds, and fiery vocals, there's a hint of danger found within the rhythm of the song, perhaps one appropriate for the moment you feel sparks of electricity as you lock eyes with someone you fancy at the club. But you sense that they're a trouble maker, and it would never work out.

The song begins with a heavy and steady beat, building up suspense to the chorus. Inducing a flurry of emotions coupled with a sense of danger and adventure, it's the perfect club song for intense romance with that heartbreaker you just can't shake.

Silent (or Silent The Robot) is a rising DJ and music producer. But Silent is not your average DJ. According to Spotify, Silent is the "first robot artist who knows better than humans that feelings are hard to describe in words." The name "Silent" implies that there is no need for words when music can be used as a tool to communicate emotions and stories. With this perspective, Silent introduces a creative spin to electronic dance music.

Written By Chelsea Luo



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