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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Truce" - Celine Cairo

Celine Cairo’s latest release “Truce” is a story of running away limited by a hesitance to, a seeking of compromise. Her pain is less described in its current state and found more in her exploration of escaping it. Feeling as though her troubles are a battlefield, she finds herself stuck between fighting and running. The strength of sticking it out appeals to her, but so does the strength found in escaping. She begs not for the strength to continue, though she does seem to value it, she begs that she will no longer need such strength. That the war will come to an end. She wants not for victory, but for survival. Her poeticism displays this struggle between pride and peace beautifully.

The song begins with a magnetic orchestra meant to stir the feelings of drama found in her lyrics. As she begins describing her flee, the music follows her beat, going at a pace comparable to running steps. Her perfectly synchronized instrumentals maintain this action imagery, putting the listener in the conflict with Cairo. Certain aspects of this soundtrack to her escape go unnoticed on a first listen, blending seamlessly into the rest of her music, but it is these details that create such a dynamic song. Celine vocalizing behind her own voice, a particular attention granted to percussion when she sings of war drums, her focus on every small piece of production here fully transports the listener into Celine’s mind and yet meshes naturally into the existing tone of the song. When the “battle” seems to be over, her soft but soothing voice can be fully noticed. There is a period of calm here, a pause in the music, that comes when she finally chooses: peace. “Truce” comes to a close with this decision.

Celine Cairo is a Dutch singer songwriter who was born into a world of music. Her father being an amateur drummer and her mother an avid music lover, were sure to encourage her early talents. She was gifted a guitar from them at age fourteen and nearly immediately began performing, by eighteen she had begun to create independently and perform those original works. She advanced her knowledge in music with her studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam shortly following this. She truly entered the public eye, though, with her 2013 release “Follow EP”. In 2014, she became physically known again, touring the Netherlands. This would only become more frequent with the release of her first full-length album, “Free Fall” in 2016. The album earned over fifteen million streams as well as receiving a Dutch music award. “Truce” is hopefully on its way to achieving a similar status, stream it now and follow Celine Cairo below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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