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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Trucker" - Karly Driftwood

While the wide-open road is no stranger to dwellers who have a mind full of thoughts and a heart full of sorrow, Karly Driftwood’s latest single “Trucker” describes the echoing feelings of loneliness that can drive one’s journey into the solo trip. While explaining her desire to become a trucker so she could “drive away forever,” Karly details the little moments of life that can lead to the temptation to live a life of seclusion. Though not blatantly stated, the single alludes to the bittersweet freedom of abandoning your life indefinitely.

Gentle guitar strums open the single, leading into softly-whispered lyrics of longing for a different life. The same instrumentals carry the song through its verses and chorus, matching the lingering reflective mood. It's not until the bridge that the artist raises the tempo and strengthens the emotion felt through her lyrics.

Virginia-born and Nashville-living singer-songwriter Karly Driftwood embodies a unique sound that meshes several genres into something fundamentally authentic. Lyrics with a dark, rebellious flair combined with soothing pop-country sounds provide a rare feeling that’s hard to come by in today’s music scene. She’s often found around various cafés/bars in Nashville performing her original work. With 2022 being her debut streaming year, there’s certainly much to come in the future for Karly.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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