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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Try Me" - Marcus McCoan

In Marcus McCoan’s newest single, “Try Me,” The Weeknd meets The 1975 with an electronic twist; a piece of ear candy oozing out seductive vocals, lyrical romance and illuminating production. Marcus McCoan pines for a love with someone who is wary of trusting, belting out desirous lyrics in the song’s hook, “I’m only here to give you all of my love / So why don’t you try me.” Throughout the song, one can taste the yearning for a reciprocated love from its irresistible lyrics and scintillating instrumentation, giving you a rush of unexpected euphoric synaesthesia.

Showcasing his talent in producing, Marcus McCoan is an unstoppable force in “Try Me.” His single is a testament to his praise with its heavy production filled with waves of lilting electric guitars, a weighted blanket of electronica, neon beamed synths and mouth-watering vocals. Elevating the track’s lyrical content of affectionate desire, the vivacious music is a heart-throbbing treat in and of itself, leaving you with an insatiable appetite for more.

Marcus McCoan is a multi-platinum and renowned musician from Cornwall, UK. He has recently toured with global star Natalie Imbruglia on her 25th anniversary tour and has written songs for the mega K-pop band, BTS—helping to carry his foot through the solo artist door. Taking flight within the industry, he is a brilliant new artist, now fixating on his own career by making music and planning upcoming gigs for his projects. With his newest single, “Try Me,” and many other songs to his name, Marcus McCoan is a songwriting treasure within the electronica chest.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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