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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "turn out fine" - The Astronomers x sammy rash

What’s going to happen next? Maybe you’ve just had a watershed moment in your life. Graduation, moving to a new city, finding a love interest, even becoming a new version of yourself...the list goes on! When these things happen, the question of “What do I do now?” comes up. That can quickly lead to anxiety over what the future holds. ‘turn out fine’ by The Astronomers (with sammy rash) is reassurance to you that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. So, why worry? Take time to enjoy the journey to your next destination and keep following your ambitions!

What really hooks me on this song is the groovy alt-pop soundscape. Comprised of anywhere between distorted keyboard synths, finger snaps, and tight-knit background vocals, it’s certainly ear-pleasing. The two voices in this collaboration blend together incredibly well. At the same time, they’re equally captivating on their own. The story is beautifully vivid, encompassing detailed core memories and daydreams of the future. This song’s heartwarming message is definitely the best part! Even in stark circumstances, there’s a resolution just waiting to make itself known. Look forward to it!

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin duo The Astronomers are redefining the alt-pop genre with experimental flair. Made up of Ben Baker and Michael Stensland, their breakout debut, ‘Overthinking’ has made them a prominent competitor in the arena. In fact, they’ve just hit 100,000 followers on Spotify. Their work with renowned vocalist sammy rash on ‘turn out fine’ is a prime example of their outside-the-box ingenuity. With so much appeal, there’s no denying that we need more music from them!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez




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