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Review: "TWDN" - KLEO

We continue to produce goods that are appealing to buyers as our society develops. The newest product promises flawless performance in all areas, including happiness, health, relationships, and salary. Nevertheless, despite everything we have added to our lives, we continue to find ourselves perpetually unhappy. Things We Don't Need, the new hit single from KLEO, tackles this issue head-on. From trap to K-pop, this catchy genre combines an assortment of musical genres. The song is about how the boundaries between man and merchandise progressively erode. The song's famous line, "Things we don't need, emotional distress you know I swear its not greed," sums up how, despite acquiring unnecessary goods, we continue to suffer emotional distress that is relieved by moving forward to do so.

There is no doubt that this production was created with love and passion. TWDN combines a variety of musical styles, including Hyper-pop, Dark Pop, K-Pop, House, and Trap. Reverb and panning give the song an atmospheric, catchy vibe that will captivate both seasoned listeners and potential new fans. Drums, numerous synthesizers, and KLEO's stunning vocals all help to make the song even better. The song's strong message and catchy soundtrack are what draw in different listeners. Various EQs reverbs, and delays are audible throughout the song. To anyone searching for music with a groovy, atmospheric-level vibe, I strongly suggest this song.

KLEO is a worldwide internet sensation from Glasgow. Her signature sound combines hyper pop, dark pop, K-pop, house, and trap, and it has earned her a lot of gratitude. KLEO received the BBC Introducing track of the week' for a total of three tracks from her 2020 EP 'MACHINA,' which appeared in SNACK magazine. KLEO's music is a social commentary on the post-digital age we live in, consumerism, capitalism, and the commodification of human life. She describes herself as "half android, half human." In recognition of her unique sound, KLEO received a nomination for The Sound of Young Scotland award in 2022. Her musical works investigate the intersection of online and offline, the environment in which her music exists. Regardless of being based in Glasgow, KLEO has an expanding global audience.. Even though she’s based in Glasgow, KLEO has a growing global audience, along with her on this leg of her musical journey.

Written By ShatteredSoul



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