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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Twenty Something (All or Nothing)" - Bre Kennedy

There's a stressful insinuation that we have to have our lives together by our twenties, but it's a time where everything is unpredictable, and we're learning how to just go with it. So, in a song that makes you want to run out into the summer rain and scream-sing along, "Twenty Something (All or Nothing)" by Bre Kennedy tells the world that life in our twenties is a beautiful mess, but it's something she's thankful for.

This single is about celebrating the good and the bad, the stressful and emotional parts of being in your twenties. I think it can be summed up well in the repeated lyric, "scared I'm running out of time" because of how fleeting the world makes it out to be. The song starts with the joys of young adulthood, doing reckless things yet never feeling fulfilled by them. We're built up with so much emotion and never told what to do with it, but as Bre Kennedy says, "It's all or nothing"-- all we can do is go full throttle and hope for the best. The song dives deep with instruments, strengthening the idea behind the lyrics with the building intensity of the drums and then dramatically dropping into silence at the last words to give the track a feeling of acceptance. The accompanying music video gives us insight into Kennedy's experiences with this-- showing locations from where she crashed her car to where she learned who she is.

Coming back from a nearly sold-out tour with Joy Oladokun and a debut Bonnaroo performance, singer/songwriter Bre Kennedy releases her charming single "Twenty Something (All or Nothing)". The Nashville-based singer released the original acoustic version of the song back in January of 2020 and renewed the single to signify her start of releasing new music post-pandemic. Starting in the fall, Bre Kennedy will be releasing new music and accompanying Rag'N'Bone Man on tour beginning in Minneapolis.

Jane Katryn



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