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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "twenty something" - Jessica Morale

Being in your twenties is a very transformative time, and when feeling the full weight of this transition into adulthood, you might not always feel like you’re in the right place. This can lead to emotions ranging from confusion and frustration to even depression. Jessica Morale’s new single “twenty something” touches on all these confusing feelings in the powerful ballad. The combination of Morale’s incredible voice and solemn lyrics that she weaves through the rhythms in perfection, the song is incredibly easy to relate to and a meaningful way to get these emotions off your chest. It is important to reflect on these emotions as you feel them, something Jessica makes very clear in her music.

Jessica pulls us into the first verse of the song with a very chill and light melody. She then locks us in with her crisp and deeply emotive voice as she sings over the song’s base. We as listeners can hear the power and feel behind her words from the very first second and are captivated by her vocals as she cascades into the chorus of the song. Jessica shows off an impressive range and ability to feel the music as the beat picks up into the second verse, with some vocal layering featured toward the second half. Despite the slightly darker subject matter, Jessica keeps an upbeat tone throughout the song, and this contrast works well for conveying the message of the song.

Originally from South Florida, Jessica Morale has had her unique sound and presence from day one. Since she was only four years old, Jessica has been developing her beautiful and rich voice by performing in choirs, musicals, and many talent showcases. Her talent was discovered very quickly at such events, as talent scouts were always present. She quickly began further developing her talents as an artist by writing songs, learning to play guitar, and mastering the art of piano. In 2017, Jessica released her debut EP “Good Intent” with Hoot/Wisdom Recordings. Jessica has always and will continue to use her music to advocate for mental health and female empowerment, capturing the hearts of many fans and us at Pop Passion alike.

Written By Molly Schiff



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