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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Twisted Attraction" - Danny Starr

Sometimes one person can completely consume your thoughts. Their affection becomes an indispensable addiction. Danny Starr successfully illustrates this feeling of overwhelming passion and burning desire in his new single, ‘Twisted Attraction’. The song communicates a narrative of infatuation and its ability to cloud one’s judgment and ultimately become a toxic mixture of attachment and continual intrusion. Danny’s complex and gripping lyrics provoke powerful imagery and a sense of relatability. For instance, the verse “Oh you’re dancing in my veins, you’re getting up in my brain, you’re messing around with me again” establishes a theme of emotional and romantic relapse. The combination of Danny Starr’s ethereal vocals and intriguing lyrics pair together to create the breathtaking single, ‘Twisted Attraction’.

Delicate and crisp acoustic guitar strumming, accompanied by gentle vocals introduce ‘Twisted Attraction’. A subtle rasp and beautiful clarity define Danny’s soothing voice as he leads listeners from verse to verse. The utilization of careful vocal layering creates alluring harmonies throughout the single, showcasing Danny’s wide vocal range. As the song progresses, the inclusion of lively percussion helps to create a captivating and energetic chorus. Danny alternates between his angelic tenor and powerful baritone to offer a diversity of sounds and add to the single’s melodic beauty and individuality. This catchy tune presents elements of folk and rock and will have audiences singing its chorus at the top of their lungs.

Born and bred in London, Danny Starr is a talented singer-songwriter whose music contains notes of indie-rock and folk. Danny began his musical journey at 13-years-old, when he learned to play the guitar. Songwriting has become an outlet where Danny can escape and express his true thoughts and feelings. This raw emotion is evident within Danny’s compelling lyricism, with his songs containing an almost poetic quality. Danny’s 2018 hit single, ‘Double Red Line’ has amassed over 368k streams on Spotify and 25k views on YouTube. Danny created an official music video for ‘Double Red Line’ which showcases more of his creative abilities and has gained over 9.2k views on YouTube. In fact, Danny has directed around seven music videos for some of his biggest hits such as, ‘Elixer’, ‘Losing Sight’ and ‘Plastic Magic’. Danny Starr will be headlining at Colours Hoxton in London on Thursday, April 20th, 2023.

Written By Julia Hooper



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