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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Txt Me Back" - Heartracer

“Txt Me Back” is a soft pop-rock song about growing away from a partner. At one point, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend might have been each other best friends. Heartracer sings about knowing this person so well, loving them and doing everything together, and now, they won’t even reply to messages. It’s common for relationships to grow distant and not work out, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re left with pain, hurt, and a lot of memories. Heartracer really captures the feelings of “what could have been” as the group reflects on how things changed in the relationship.

Heartracer’s retro sound is apparent as ever in this new hit single. “Txt Me Back” is undeniably written in an 80’s throwback style. The track begins with a typical long, musical intro before the vocals begin, one of the staple elements of 70’s and 80’s pop. In addition to this, the track also is instrument heavy and has a guitar solo/interlude near the end. The song has a fade-into-nothing outro and is a considerable length of time for a song being almost 5 minutes long. All these stylistic choices make this tune sound like a throwback. It fits in perfectly with these old decades, which gives “Txt Me Back” a great retro and nostalgic feel.

Releasing music since 2013, Heartracer has mainly focused on putting out singles following their debut album– until now. “Txt Me Back” will be the centerpiece of the band’s forthcoming album, “The Feel”. Heartracer focuses on combining modern pop with classic pop writing styles, giving them a timeless sound. The band draws inspiration heavily from other pop icons such as Tears for Fears and Aha. Focusing on grabbing these old rock-pop elements, makes Heartracer a blast from the past and brings heavy nostalgia in their music. After the release of this new single, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Written By Emily Hancock



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