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  • Kasey D.

Review: "Type" - Drew Now

“Type” by Drew Now is a cultivating love song dedicated to the singer’s boyfriend who suffers from diabetes. In her latest single, Now describes her lover in great detail – expressing with intention just how perfect they are to her. “Type” feels like a personal, heartfelt letter with a warm, affectionate tone similar to that of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. Drew Now is a young, talented singer-songwriter with the potential of wiping the industry clean of routine and revealing a refreshed pop sound.

Click here to listen to "Type" !

It’s easy to imagine this song being performed in front of a small, intimate crowd at a local bar. Drew Now’s ability to evoke profound emotions by simply appreciating her lover is astonishing in and of itself. It’s hard to find artists nowadays with clever songwriting skills and strong attention to detailing. “Type” feels like a stroll along the park, a hammock perfectly out of view from the sun, or even a car ride with the windows rolled down. This relatively new artist can create a sense of nostalgia and serenity that forms a special connection with listeners. Now is a hidden gem that deserves to be seen and appreciated. We’re excited to see where Drew Now will find herself in the coming months or even years. Seeing how much potential she carries despite her young age, we know it’ll be far!

Singer Drew Now was raised in Northern Ontario but currently resides in Nashville, TN. Now has spent years singing and writing about her personal experiences throughout her life. Currently, she has songs under her belt such as 'How it Ends’, ‘Cokeman', and ‘Jesus Weeps’; which can all be found under her Spotify. If you're interested in seeing more from Drew Now, consider following her social medias below !

Written By: Kasey D.



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