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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Uncool Kids" - NLM

Pop-Punk will never die. As long as bands like NLM continue to make music for those of us without a voice. Pop-punk has always been a community for those who know they aren't like everyone else. The genre is a haven for unpopular “weird” kids and NLM thinks that's the coolest thing to be. NLM’s new song Uncool Kids is an anthem for the unpopular. A track that simultaneously celebrates being uncool and creates a community for all the uncool kids to be in. NLM recognizes everyone is unique and makes a point to celebrate that on this track.

Pop Punk has always been a voice for the people. Bands from Yellowcard to Neck Deep have been making songs that celebrate being different. NLM is no different, throwing their hat in the ring and releasing a track that utilizes quick drum beats and bright guitar to signal a battle cry for the kids who don’t fit in. This track perfectly executes the pop-punk sound with its light and fun textures and slightly distorted vocals. The lyrics were made to be screamed along to. The track is perfect for driving around with friends and rocking out this summer. Situating itself as a rallying cry NLM makes it cool to be uncool.

NLM is a pop-punk outfit from Minneapolis. Their music has direct influences from pop-punk greats like Blink-182 and Magnolia Park but take their influences a step further. Each track they release has an elevated sound that is unique to them. They want their music to speak to people through more than their sound and have based their music around that. They give hope to everyone who enjoys their music and believe every person is valuable regardless of what others may think. NLM is a safe space for everyone. They make music that makes everyone feel welcome with every chord they strum.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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