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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Understatement" - Maryon King

“Understatement” is Maryon King's latest release.  The single is a break up song following the stages of grief found in it.  The piece is uplifting, reflecting the emotions of one experiencing this.  It’s not a false bragging about moving on or finding someone new, being entirely genuine and reiterating this honesty with its title phrase “when I say I’m over you it’s an understatement”.  There is no reminiscing on the relationship, only distasteful reflections on the breakup.  Even these are seemingly glossed over in the upbeat synchronic way they’re stated.  The way in which Maryon reflects on the breakup and admits to the difficult times that followed it allows for a confession of emotion without shutting down the happiness and relief she currently feels.

The first verse of the song is slower paced, sung gently over piano to display only for a moment the sadness felt by this heartbreak.  Maryon King’s voice is low here, emotive and powerful.  But, as soon as the breakup is brought up it rises along with the pace of the song.  The way she jumps into the anger surrounding this is almost humorous, again reiterating her lack of care towards it now.  Every moment of the piece is catchy and memorable, but the chorus in particular is one meant to be screamed along to.  This is a song made for relatability and even if the listener isn’t in the same, healthy, place Maryon is, such an optimistic single can help to get there.

Maryon King knew she wanted to be an artist extremely early on and she took every path on her own to get there.  Born in Moldova and raised in London, Padova, and Italy, to parents who didn’t view becoming a musician as realistic, she had to pursue the career independently.  As a teenager, she would take voice lessons in secret- a trait that didn’t differ as she entered adulthood where she would secretly change her major from studying language to studying music.  She would go on to perform and reside across the world, largely in L.A., Paris, and London.  She’s appeared on stage there, in the U.K., as well as in Ireland with Sigala and BEKA. 

Written By Hailey Schap



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