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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Understood" - Eva Westphal

Photographer: Jane Mok

Have you ever felt misunderstood? Eva Westphal details feeling different and discusses the societal pressure she felt to fit in. However, the musician feels as though she has found her footing in the world thanks to her partner. Westphal continues stating that no other person has ever made her feel completely understood. This newfound acceptance has the vocalist feeling comfortable in herself and in the world, where she previously felt rejected. In the single, the singer is able to detail the common feeling of being misconceived by others with an incredible voice and a calm guitar supporting her message.

“Understood” begins with a relaxing guitar and Eva's soothing voice. Throughout the song, the singer has a smooth and controlled tone which creates a heavenly feeling to the soundscape. The single is mainly guitar and vocals which compliment each other spectacularly and creates a serene ambiance. A moment that stands out to me is the bridge. In the bridge, the singer layers her vocals and repeats “No one understood me // Until I met you”. This part has a dreamlike hazy vibe that elevates the single. The track ends with one final chorus and a single strum of guitar. Overall, this is a calm and peaceful song that you need to add to your next playlist.

Eva Westphal is a singer-songwriter from New York. This artist is inspired by musicians like Stevie Nicks, Brandi Cellie, and Taylor Swift, specifically her “Folklore” album. The singer has received praise for her music being called "one to watch" by other publications and star Alicia Keys. Westphal began releasing music in October 2018, her debut song is titled, “Rain”. Since her initial track, the vocalist has released multiple singles and one EP named “Beautiful Little Life”. Her musical journey has led the songwriter to perform in famous venues such as Mercury Lounge, PIANOS, The Bitter End, and The Delancey.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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