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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Undone" - Kiara Mali

Hopelessness, escape and rage are just a few of the words that emulate the narrative communicated in Kiara Mali’s new single, “Undone”. The heart-wrenching alternative-rock anthem conveys a story of fear and feeling trapped in a constant state of unfamiliarity. Kiara’s strong lyricism and storytelling abilities bring deep meaning to each verse. For instance, the line, “When I wield the gavel to break my own law,” can be derived as a metaphor for regaining one’s own power and escaping a toxic situation. “Undone” contains all the qualities of a rock-n-roll hit while maintaining a moving story that accounts for anger and sadness. The song's strong sense of emotion and escapism truly make it stand out as a unique piece of art.

An ominous tone introduces “Undone”, with the use of soft synths and a low, dramatic piano melody. Kiara’s rich voice offers the single a hint of edge and perfectly matches the song’s dark theme. The single’s chorus embodies pure electricity with the inclusion of booming percussion and powerful vocals. “Undone” showcases Kiara’s wide vocal range, from her deep, rockstar belts to the contrasting, high-pitched, soprano notes. “Undone” is Kiara’s biggest hit to date, with over 8.2k streams on Spotify alone. Likewise, the singles’ success enabled her to conduct her first professional video shoot which resulted in the production of her first official music video. The “Undone” music video became even more successful than the song itself, garnering over 40k views on YouTube. The video offers a cinematic viewing experience with the artistic use of water as artificial rain and dramatic lighting that conveys emotion.

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Kiara Mali is a talented singer-songwriter, who draws inspiration from the alternative and pop genres. She made her musical debut in April of 2022, with the release of “Something In The Weather” which has gained 1.6k streams on Spotify. A live studio session of “Something In The Weather” was filmed and uploaded to the singers YouTube channel, where it has amassed over 27k views and features stunning cinematography and coloring. Kiara released her third single from her EP, “Undone”, in November which is titled, “Be Alive”. This new song also has an accompanying music video, which has reeled in over 1.4k views on YouTube and showcases electric editing and aesthetically pleasing sets, including shots where Kiara is dramatically immersed in water. Kiara has a knack for metaphorical lyricism, which may spawn from her love for poetry which she displays on her Instagram account. Kiara Mali’s haunting vocals, beautiful songwriting skills and immense creativity set her apart as an alternative artist with star potential.

Written By Julia Hooper



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