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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "unfamiliar" - Savanna Leigh

The beaches, warm weather, and sun constantly shining down on you -- thats the familiarity of Florida. For Savanna Leigh, leaving her hometown of Florida for Nashville marked a significant change. It was the beginning of a new journey and adventure, but after six years of residing there, Nashville still hasn’t felt like home. She doesn’t feel a sense of belonging like she does for Florida. Six years is definitely plenty of time for that “homey” feeling to develop, but everything in Nashville still feels so unfamiliar to her. In her latest single, “unfamiliar,” Savanna shows us an intimate glimpse into her feelings of being homesick. There are distinctive aspects she shares about Florida that she adores and misses, but is also aware that it’ll always be waiting for her whenever she decides to visit. While Florida will forever hold a place in her heart as home, she’s struggling to find that same sense of belonging in her new city of Nashville.

Although she’s chosen to reside in Nashville, she still feels out of place there: “Been here for years it still feels so foreign to me.” She’s waiting for that sense of belonging to hit like it does about Florida, but there are a few missing elements that are stopping those feelings from blossoming: “I thought by now, someway somehow, this wouldn’t be so unfamiliar.” Some of those elements are her friends and family living back in Florida. Her support system is separated from her. The other is a natural feeling — the place she grew up will always be home. She shares feelings of disconnection and loneliness: “Get jealous when my hometown friends are together. I’m sure they’re aware there’s no place I’d rather be.” Other distinctive memories of Florida will resurface too, which triggers a desire and dream for returning: “Can’t smell the salt in the air when I breathe in. I’m still not used to the changing of seasons,” and, “I get nostalgic when I look at old pictures.” The pictures of her younger self growing up in Florida, and the recollection of familiar scents and weather aren’t connected to Nashville, and she wants something like that. Nashville is lacking that, which is prompting her to feel that Nashille does not have a sense of home. While she can always visit Florida, she just simply wishes for Nashville to feel comfortable and have some sort of familiarity. Something that can make her feel at home in her new city.

Savanna Leigh is a 23 year old pop singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She began writing songs at the age of 6, but it was just meant to be. She grew up with a family of entertainers that opened her up to the world of music, including production and touring. Her music truly touches her listeners as they are vulnerable confessions where she shares personal experiences. Her music gives them an insight into her life and how she navigates both the good and bad. It can also be used to express the feelings that they struggle to voice on their own. As of today, Savanna has over 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners, with her most popular song being a cover of Coldplay’s, “The Scientist.” Keep up with Savanna Leigh’s future releases by clicking on her social media links below, and check out “unfamiliar” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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