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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “unforgivable” - TAELA

There’s an unfortunate reality to many relationships, and it revolves around toxicity and attachment. “unforgivable” is the newest release by artist TAELA, and it calls out a lot of the thoughts and emotions one may have in a relationship like this. “I wrote “unforgivable” about being so deeply attached to a toxic relationship that it would take your partner doing something completely unforgivable for you to leave,” TAELA revealed. “Having a trauma bond is the worst type of addiction.” The song has a hauntingly vintage feel to it, and the music video adds to it! It has a sort of 50’s style vibe, and I think it pairs perfectly with the moodiness of the song. I think it's the best kind of combo.

This song is moody, raw, and extremely unique. I think TAELA’s voice is a wonder all on its own. She has a bit of a unique accent, which may be thanks to her Nashville and St. Louis roots! While she isn’t belting or doing various runs, she sings each lyric with this beautiful mix of her head and chest voice. And as she sings “Do something unforgivable / So I won't wanna stay,” you hear TAELA’s angelic hums in the background. Every element to this song works together perfectly. This is definitely a new favorite on my playlist.

TAELA is a singer and songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri, who as a single mom, moved to Nashville in 2021 to pursue a career in music. Her debut single “drugs with you” solidified her place in the industry. Since her debut, TAELA has gone on to surpass 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her debut album, life’s a bitch… but it gets better, is bound to be a resounding success, and “unforgivable” is just one of the 14 songs on the list! I think that TAELA’s style and sound are both something that I could become obsessed with pretty quickly. I imagine she is going to have a long and successful career in her future. I’m excited to watch her grow.

Written By Isabel Mays



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