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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "unhappier" - laye

Alt-pop artist laye released her latest single “unhappier” on July 14, 2021. The darker soundscape backed poignant lyrics that created feelings of bitterness, heartbreak, and love. At its core, “unhappier” is a breakup anthem about seeing the person you loved move on. But it stands out with live instrumentation, laye’s sultry vocals, and strong pop hooks. She dives into the darker sides of pop music to showcase the darker emotions around her heartbreak: jealousy, spite, and pain. It’s a track that feels raw and honest. If you’re a fan of pop and alternative music, laye’s newest single is worth giving a listen.

The track starts with a guitar-heavy introduction that leads into the first verse, where laye’s emotional vocals shine through. Then, she channels her feelings of jealousy and heartbreak into a chorus about wanting the person that she loved to not be as happy with the new person they found. She describes this with punchy lyrics like “When sparks fly, I hope it burns / I hope you are unhappier.” Here, laye does not hold back on expressing her emotions. She aims to shows listeners the universality of unhappiness after a breakup. We are not alone in these emotions. We are valid in these emotions.

Singer-songwriter, laye, was born and raised in Montreal. She has crafted a pop and gothic aesthetic and delves into the darker aspects of indie pop music. She released her debut album “lonesome” in 2019. On Spotify, she has reached over 130,000 monthly listeners and over 3 million streams across her songs. "unhappier" is her third single of 2023, following "touching myself" and "blue." Her music is vibrant, honest, and well-crafted. I cannot wait to see what she releases next. You can also keep up with laye and her music by clicking on the links to her social media accounts below and following her.

Written By Sydney Gray



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