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  • Willow Gray

Review: "unholy" - JANAA

“Unholy” offers an introspective look back into a mutually toxic relationship where all your time and effort were once dedicated. There was once a time where every moment of your time was allotted to a relationship that should not have occurred. It seems that at every tumultuous turn, you poured your heart and dedication into a relationship that was never meant to be. You often wonder if the hardship carried alongside you soured the dynamic. There are also times where it is clear that the other person was just as in the wrong as you were. Years were spent on and off again in a relationship that always begged for a concrete end. So little of the dynamic you two once had felt natural and meant to be. As you stew in the aftermath of toxicity, similar hopeful heartaches parasitically latch onto you. One of you would pull away with clear desperation as the other held on with similar fervor. With the once life-consuming relationship past you, all you’re left wondering is if the time and effort you dedicated were wasted.

“Unholy” is a commercial pop anthem that is accompanied by an array of vocal stem additives. A standout aspect of this single is how rarely the lead vocals go without a harmony or distorted vocal. Throughout each chorus, there are vocals surrounding the lead that curate a cohesive array of reverberating vocals. The consistent “oh’s” behind the main vocals almost serve as a separate song alongside the harmonies, but are never out of place. Some of these vocals are from other vocalists besides JANAA. These constant accompanying vocals function as the melodic foundation of this single and make a unique identity for it. The instrumentation is just as reverberated as the vocals and often have slight echoes. The electronics blend with each aspect and make an atmospheric experience.

JANAA is a recently debuted singer-songwriter from Austria. She has been fascinated by music from an early age and has always pursued it. As a child, she poured her talent into the piano as well as professional singing lessons. She attended the “Musical Academy Fohnsdorf” in Fohnsdorf, Austria and learned important skills such as dancing and singing. In 2020, she participated in the anniversary season of The Voice of Germany and was able to meet with producer Andreas Wöckinger. This meeting turned into a collaboration to work on JANAA’s musical style and release her first single, “Burn”, in April 2024. She incorporates much of her own life experiences with serious topics such as mental health and discovering your own self-empowerment. She has grown a considerable social media following across the world and continues to build. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “unholy” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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