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  • George McSherry

Review: "Up To Me" - Asha Gold

I'm not too sure where I go when I hear this song but it's futuristically clean and I have a citrusy cocktail in hand... it kinda feels like the futuristic art deco landscape in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange except colorful and enticing rather than grey and threatening. Asha Gold has added to her growing repertoire of infectious, electro-pop R&B with this new single "Up To Me" which details the complex series of thoughts and emotions we have to reconcile when we start to fall for someone.

Staccato vocals intertwine with bolstered bass and bubbling electronic production to form the track's upbeat R&B framework around which Asha and her production collaborators have weaved silky-smooth melody and rhythm that both bounces and flows seamlessly. Stacks of layers provide the song with a palpable richness and depth, complimenting the sincerity and sensuality and piquing comparisons to the works of Jorja Smith; Asha floats her voice through the bars with ease, caressing and comforting against the backdrop of production curated to have toes tapping and heads bopping before the song ties itself off.

Asha Gold, fresh off of her performance at Glastonbury is a London-based gem of an R&B artist who blends pop melodies into her craft. The end result is refreshing and intimate tracks that manage to be both approachable and captivating, with varied, maximalist production catchy enough to reel you in and rich enough to have you stay for more. In her young career, Asha Gold has received notable acclaim from Rolling Stone, BBC Radio 1, The Line of Best Fit, and Colors (to name a few), establishing her as one of the brightest budding stars in the R&B game right now.

Written By George McSherry



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