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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "urs" - PEPTALK

This song, “urs” by the girl group PEPTALK, perfectly conveys how it feels in the early days of falling in love. Tackling those emotions of when you know you’re in deep, this song describes that feeling of infatuation and the rollercoaster that you can see is ahead. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had those intense feelings for a person that we romanticize and giggle about with our friends, all while knowing that nothing’s happened yet even though you desperately want it to. With catchy lyrics like “I can’t shake this feeling, I want you around” and “might be unrequited, but I’m so delighted to just take in the view,” PEPTALK nails down that feeling of what can sometimes feel like a debilitating crush, making this song relatable and also fun!

“Urs” is an addictive indie-pop track, with a bright and bouncy track accompanied by simple yet meaningful lyrics. This combination ties in the message of the song with the perfect vibe of music that you can’t help but dance and sing along to. Right from the beginning, when the guitar starts strumming, you’re already bouncing your head with it, and when the first verse starts in, you’re already hooked. The first verse starts off sedately, drawing you in with a simple melody before expanding to multi-layered vocals and deeper instrumentals that lead you into the explosive chorus. This pattern repeats as we dive back down to the second verse and second chorus before sliding right into the bridge that builds up the tension in the song through the pull back of the instrumental before exploding one last time into the brilliantly fun chorus. Altogether, with “urs,” PEPTALK has created an amazing song that is guaranteed to be a dance party classic!

PEPTALK is an all-girl band made up of members Jay-Lee Kwan, who plays keys, Lara Frew, who plays bass, and Phoebe Sinclair, who rounds out the group as the lead singer. At home in Australia, PEPTALK has written songs for artists and producers all over the world, including countries like the USA, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, France, New Zealand, and the UK. Proud of being two-thirds queer, two-thirds POC, and all female, PEPTALK’s goal is to be the positive influence and role models that they felt they were missing growing up. Citing influence from other artists such as MUNA, Remi Wolf, and HAIM, PEPTALK has had many recent hits, including a collaboration with Aussie platinum-selling artist LDRU on the track “Alone Again” and a K-Pop songwriting cut with Rumble G’s “Every Other.” With several performances under their belt as well, PEPTALK is taking the pop world by storm! Click the links below to listen to more of their music!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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