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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Valley Of The Shadows" - Waves Rush In

I think the album art beautifully sums up the theme of the song that I’m about to introduce to you today. “Valley Of The Shadows” by Waves Rush In is an appreciation of nature’s greatness. With its powerful healing effects, nature is full of wonder. For Waves Rush In, it helps him reconnect with his childhood. “When you’re talking through the rhythm in me...those times seem pretty sweet to me.” He speaks on one of the biggest influences in his life! This song is like going outside in the fresh air to clear your mind of racing thoughts. You’ll feel soothed and refreshed after just the first listen!

The soundscape is simply brimming with nature sounds: trickling water, tweeting birds, and a cooling breeze made of captivating synths. As the narrative builds, Waves Rush In beautifully describes his relationship with the outdoors and how it’s like an irreplaceable friend to him. Using compelling, deeply rooted vocals, he expresses appreciation for nature’s existence, saying “This one’s for you.” I especially enjoyed how Waves Rush In lets the song conjure powerful emotions within him. He goes with the flow and doesn’t hold back by any means! In that respect, the music really does speak for itself!

Sam Branson (aka Waves Rush In) is a singer-songwriter and climate activist based out of Oxford, UK. As an artist, he takes inspiration from his travels and nature’s mystery. Taking off with January 2021’s debut EP ‘Seasons Change’, he’s experienced profound success with his indie-pop soundscapes. As an activist, he’s partnered with Brian Eno’s Earth Percent charity, which calls on the music industry to help combat the ongoing climate crisis. ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ marks Branson’s shift to a more radio-friendly pop sound. Stay tuned for more feel-good melodies and deep-seated lyrics in his upcoming EP ‘Hearts Are Home.’ It comes out in May!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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