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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "Vampire" - Marlenarium

“Vampire” is a beautiful blend of synths, beats, and electronic devices. Marlenarium has just recently come out with this single to invite strangers into this blissful ignorance and escapism that is music. The sounds that Marlenarium has made are dreamy and pop-electronic pieces that seamlessly come together to make a song that is sure to be a hit in the community.

Experimental sounds coming together to create something harmonic is what Marlenarium specializes in. This song especially takes a step down that road and with the vocals to the synths, it creates this sound that is electronic at heart but excellence at its core. The chorus is something beautiful and the verses are wonderfully produced. This electronic piece is a masterpiece in its genre and Marlenarium knew what she was doing when she produced it in the first place.

Marlenarium, or 22 year old Marlene Heger, is a solo electronic artist from Germany, taking inspiration from some other artists such as Grimes, Brockhampton, Charli XCX, and The 1975. It’s Marlene’s mission to remove some of the stigma around mental health and create a safe space for herself and the ones around her. Marlene is a wonderful person and an even more amazing artist under Marlenarium, and it’s exciting to see what will be coming out next.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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