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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Vertigo (feat. twlve)" - Taura Lamb

“Vertigo” is a pop track the combines the powerful vocals of Taura Lamb with the electrifying production of twlve. Here, they explore a toxic, addictive, dizzying relationship in a blend of pop and hip-hop sounds. The song hooked me right away with its exciting introduction with lyrics that compared this relationship to vertigo. Like vertigo, this subject of the song is causing a sensation of whirling and dizziness. They are ringing in her ears. These themes are delivered with a production and vocals that makes it an energetic yet vulnerable song. I am excited to dive more into Lamb's and twlve's work.

The track begins with an infectious chorus that describes a toxic relationship through its similarity to vertigo. In the verses, between Lamb's rich vocals and the authentic lyricism, the constant back-and-forth and pain of the relationship is described. She opens up with the poignant lyrics "I might be sensitive / But no one makes me feel as bad about myself as you do" and "Why am I torturing myself over words you claim you never even meant." Even though we know someone hasn't changed, sometimes, we still want to believe they have. We still give them chances to break our hearts. Here, Lamb wants to let go. She knows they haven't changed. But she is still stuck inside this dizzying cycle.

Taura Lamb is a London-based singer and songwriter that released her first, self-produced project in 2020. She is known for her R&B-influenced pop sound, which developed through singing in choirs growing up. "Vertigo," in collaboration with producer twlve, comes as the first of three singles this year as part of her EP, 'Tetchy.' Lamb has been featured in several publications, including Fizzy Mag and Lyrical Lemonade, and playlists, like Spotify's New Music Friday UK and Apple Music's New Music Daily. If you enjoy "Vertigo (feat. twlve)," you can look forward to her other releases for this year.

Written By Sydney Gray



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