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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Victoria's Secret" - Jax

Jax has exposed Victoria’s secret and it’s a shocking one. She revealed that the company that has been setting female beauty standards for 50 years was founded by an old man from Ohio. Jax’s new single, “Victoria’s Secret”, describes the intense standards that are drilled into girls at a young age. She is singing to her younger self, telling her what she wishes she knew back then; that the massive corporation that promotes big breasts, tiny waists, and below average body weights is owned by a man. With high rates of eating disorders, Jax’s message is incredibly important for women and girls of all ages. Constantly looking at heavily airbrushed Victoria’s Secret Angels who are forced to go on strict diets can be extremely detrimental to a person’s psyche. Jax recognizes this and brings to light the corruption in the beauty industry. She is livid that a man that has nothing at stake is “Cashing in on body issues// Selling skin and bones with big boobs”. Women are constantly at war with their mind, trying to fight these toxic standards and purge these negative thoughts. Jax has every right to be angry. Her using this knowledge and experience to spread the information to her millions of fans is admirable. She uses her platform to spread a positive message, relieving the pressure girls are under. “Victoria’s Secret” is the song many women wish they listened to when they were younger, and the one many adolescents are grateful they have now

Jax knows how to create a hit. From the title alone, she reels in the listener. In addition, the album art shows off her humor by mocking the over-the-top photoshop practices done by celebrities and influencers. With these two elements, the listener is already intrigued, and they have not even listened to the first note. Once the song begins, the beat is steady, allowing the listener to be introduced to the important lyrics. Jax’s incredible voice leads the song clearly and efficiently, ensuring that the listener feels every line. The production is catchy but does not overshadow the important message. Jax has an impeccable ability to create music that effortlessly balances the importance of lyrical creation and musical composition. Jax blew it out of the park when she released “Victoria’s Secret” by inspiring women and young girls to toss out these toxic beauty standards and become comfortable with themselves.

Jax is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. At the age of 18, she developed cancer above her vocal cords. While in remission, the cancer returned right after she relocated to Los Angeles. This led Jax to begin writing songs for others and building her experience within the music industry. Once she was healed and ready to sing, COVID-19 threw a wrench in her plans by leaving Jax without a physical stage to perform. As a result, she turned to TikTok where she then became a viral sensation. At the end of 2020, she started sharing her own original music which led to her signing with Atlantic Records. In 2022, Jax won the iHeartRadio Music Award for TikTok Songwriter of the Year. Jax has several incredibly successful singles, including her label-debut single, “Ring Pop”, which appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Access Hollywood. Despite not having released a debut album or EP, Jax already has developed a loyal fanbase that is anticipating her next move.

Written By Karlee Smith



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