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  • Kevin Rodriguez


'VIOLETS' by KID TRAVIS is a love song that makes use of the refreshing air of spring. It’s this season’s liberating, but not scorching warmth that’s so attractive (and underrated, in my opinion). He spins that into a free-flowing, energetic tune. “You take me high like a pilot, listen to the music it goes on and on...with violets everywhere.” Violets are often indicative of an innocent, down-to-earth kind of love. KID TRAVIS takes that concept and turns it into a charming love story. It has a sort of lighthearted feel that’s intimate, but also pure.

A prominent feature of the song is the sound of pages turning and pens scribbling. It’s like KID TRAVIS pens a storybook-style romance right in front of you. He solidifies that sensation with upbeat guitar licks and an Ed Sheeran-esque pop production. Maintaining this warm and airy feel, he adds his soulful voice overtop and it sounds amazing! The lyrics speak of the finer details of this special person that KID TRAVIS has fallen head-over-heels in love with. When you hear the tolling bells in the background, that’s when you know that this love is one of a kind. Sometimes it really is the little things in life that evoke the most joy, just like this song!

KID TRAVIS is incredible because he has no genre limitations and can make any song his own. The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist is best known for creating music with melodic punk and trap undertones. However, songs like 'VIOLETS' take other influences like Afro-pop and soul music to really diversify his sound. That testifies to his well-established presence on YouTube and Spotify, where he has more than 480K subscribers and 2.5 million monthly listeners, respectively. Go check him out because you’ll surely find songs of his that'll speak to you!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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