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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Voices In My Head" - Vicetone ft. Chelsea Collins

In a perfect mix of heartfelt lyrics and a beat to dance to, Vicetone’s recent release “Voices In My Head” is truly a top hit. In collaboration with Chelsea Collins for lyrics and vocals, this track feels like you’re in the middle of a club despite your spiraling mind. The electronic soundscape sets the scene of your early twenties, full of partying and lively nights with friends. The lyrics, however, show the constant struggle that so many young adults face - trying to push the dark thoughts away and force yourself to have an enjoyable time. The thoughts always find a way to trickle back in, forcing into an endless cycle. The beat is no doubt perfectly crafted, with electronic pops and fast paced instruments.

In the chorus, Vicetone sings “The voices in my hеad, in my head / I keep drowning 'em, drowning 'em, drowning 'em out / Until they're getting, getting, getting too loud”. This is a common theme in those who struggle with mental health. You can constantly tell the negative voices to get lost, and try your hardest to make this feat happen, but something just makes them unbeatable. They keep creeping their way back in, getting louder and louder. The pre-chorus continues this idea, going into feelings of insecurity. In this, Vicetone sings, “No-one really likes you, you're a joke / And everyone who loves you's gonna go”. This feeling is so natural, and yet somehow so debilitating.

Vicetone is an electronic music duo from Groningen, Netherlands. The partnership is made up of Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool, and have been making music together since 2012, and have now amassed over 4 million monthly Spotify listeners. They have performed all around the world, and now work out of their home production studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Chelsea Collins crafted the lyrics on this track, and is also featured as a singer. Born in San Francisco, she is signed with Universal Music Publishing Group, and writes songs as well as produces them. Make sure to follow along the social media below to see any new music from both parties.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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