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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "voldemort" - Eva Snyder

Eva Snyder's "voldemort" comes as the third single off her debut album, seventeen. The title of the song is a direct reference to the main antagonist in the Harry Potter franchise: Lord Voldemort. The track was entirely created by women, which was important to Snyder based on the context of it. The song is about having such a traumatic experience with someone that you do not say their name anymore. It holds too much power, too much pain. In a similar manner, everyone in the Harry Potter franchise refused to say Voldemort's name after he caused mass destruction. It is a poignant, vulnerable track that will resonate deeply if you have ever experienced trauma at the hands of another.

Here in "voldemort," Snyder's soft vocals dive deep into the aftermath of her traumatic experience with a boy. She starts the track with, "Stuck in the summer / Right where you left me," as she showcases her powerful ability to tell a story in her music. She tackles feelings of hurt, crossed boundaries, and helplessness. These emotions are brought out with lyrics like "I don't know what hurts more / The thought of me or my clothes on your floor" and "But I can't regret it / I didn't want it in the first place." These lyrics allude to a serious traumatic experience, even more depicted with the lines, "You left me without a pulse / I take a breath but only by force." With each heartfelt lyric, Snyder captures her experiences, but also gives listeners a space to consider their own trauma. The main message of refusing to say this person's name anymore because of what they've done is both heart-wrenching and empowering -- she refuses to let them occupy more space in her thoughts and in her life. It is a track that everyone should give a listen to.

Eva Snyder is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter that takes influence from her ties to both Massachusetts and San Francisco in crafting her indie pop sound. Her debut album, seventeen, is one of the rare few projects that have been created entirely by a group of women. Perhaps one of the most vulnerable tracks I've heard lately, "voldemort" is an honest account of the aftermath of a traumatic experience. If you have ever been assaulted, traumatized, or so deeply hurt by someone that just their name brings back all those memories and pain, Snyder has put into words those feelings in her latest single. If this song caught your interest, make sure to check out her social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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