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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Wake Up and Find" - AIRBEAR

Bringing an upbeat, melodious sound to a song about miraging emotions, AIRBEAR's newest single, "Wake up and Find" describes the combination of fear and excitement that accompanies a new bond with someone special. The artist lays all emotion on the table with a confessional, relatable insight into the highs and lows of crushing on someone. Unapologetically, AIRBEAR's crush is the first thing on his mind every day. The song rhythmically immerses listeners in the sweet, frustrating, youthful anxieties of growing affections for a new infatuation.

"Wake Up and Find" is not only one of AIRBEAR's first released singles, but also the artist's first published music video. Both musically and visually, the song and video capture the happy-go-lucky energy embodied in the lyrics and AIRBEAR alike. The song, reminiscent of an early 2000s angsty high school anthem, opens with soft guitar and clear, honest vocals that lead into a catchy chorus crafted with a dancing spirit. Full of romantic pop-inspired sounds and authentic, relatable sentiments, fans will find the artful single stuck in their heads within their first few listens.

Though an experienced performer, AIRBEAR is relatively new to the independent music scene. "Wake up and Find" is the third single from singer-songwriter AIRBEAR, aka Aaron Gugino. The artist has previously released singles "Glue" and "Kings and Queens" in 2021, making this their first release of the year. The music video for "Wake up and Find" is the first feature for AIRBEAR. Notable features of the artist's profile include softened, dreamy vocals and subdued drum patterns.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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