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  • George McSherry

Review: "Walkaway" - Lizzie

"Walkaway" showcases palpable emotions with sincerity and transports me to an intimate, private show in a low-lit lounge where the light seems to continue to dim but never leave altogether. Comfort is found in and amongst the verses that tell the all-too-relatable story of complex sorrow and imminent loss. The fresh single, rife with emotion, is tailor-made for the cathartic indulgence of the emotions less popular than their romanticized counterparts.

Stripped-back production places the underpinning elements at center stage; powerful vocals croon poignant lyrics against the backdrop of classic piano balladry that holds steady, unwavering in shoring up the song's fine-tuned and wonderfully simple structure. Layered production featuring gentle waves and an encompassing vibration provides the track with an undeniable depth. A slow crescendo builds with the introduction of fervent bass and clean percussion loops that lead us to the bittersweet fading out of "Walkaway".

Lizzie is a young artist from England's southwestern peninsula with an impressive resume that seems to be amassing grandeur as it snowballs down the hills of the music industry. At just 18, Lizzie has released several singles (often with acoustic versions) and EPs, "Reality" and "Silver Lining". She made smart use of her established discography to make her way through to the Grand Final of OpenMicUK 2021 and continues to dedicate herself to her songwriting craft.

Written By George McSherry



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