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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "was it worth it" - Jayde

“I’m out of all good reasons//Trying to keep you alive,” Jayde solemnly sings in her soft, indie pop single, “was it worth it.” Her blatantly truthful metaphor to the relationship implies that it has officially come to an end. Or, in other words, it has come to its death. As morbid as it is, Jayde perfectly depicts the emotional travesty of losing someone and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, you have to watch the whole relationship crumble right before your eyes. Even though we know how the story ends from the beginning, Jayde’s striking vocals paired with the eerie nostalgic track makes the song nevertheless captivating. If you are looking for a “plug in my earphones, look out the car window pretending I’m the sad main character in a movie” song, this is the one.

Giving your all to someone only for them to betray you and leave is hard. But it is what inspired Jayde to pick up her pen and write: “I was watching my whole relationship fall apart before my eyes when I wrote this. I felt everything had been a complete lie on a personal level and that I was being exploited entirely for my creativity and desire to help this person try and hone in on their creative identity.” As painful as the lyrics in the chorus are, “Was it worth it for you//Look what you’ve done//Blood on your hands//While I’m biting my tongue,” Jayde’s passionate voice adds a tone of endearment that leaves the listener sympathizing for her. Though the instrumentation is hauntingly beautiful, the ballad is filled with beachy-toned guitars, heart-pumping drums, and warm synths that give the sound and story a sweet melancholia.

Some people were born knowing that their purpose in life is to make music, and Jayde is one of those people. She began writing melodies and lyrics about little things like the sky and how the wind felt at a young age. Growing up in a small town in Ontario Canada, Jayde was always surrounded by musical aspects, whether that was with her grandparent’s instruments, or her dad’s music blaring on the stereo. Eventually she immersed herself into any musical opportunity she could from songwriting camps, all the way to competitions. Jayde excelled in these settings, receiving praise from big industry executives like Scott Borchetta, Marie Mai and Jann Arden. She kickstarted her artist career in 2018 by releasing a few singles and has since collected up to eight successful singles and a debut EP to her name. With her newest single “was it worth it,” and more releases to come, Jayde is a promising star in the making.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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