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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Waste My Revenge" - The Thing With Feathers

"Waste My Revenge" wields pop-rock like a power drill, piercing precise and lethal holes through the standard breakup-song concept. Every instrument, including vocalist David Welcsh's singing, is amped up to anthemic levels. The result is a stadium-ready blast of nostalgia and catharsis with enough depth to remain potent on repeat listens. And trust me: you'll have "Waste My Revenge" on repeat. The complexity of the songwriting, employing clever countermelody and pacing, never undermines the song's immediacy. The band pack a deeply felt and undeniably danceable blitz.

"I won't pretend I knew the end was coming," Welcsh remarks in the chorus. This small admission captures the song's subtle subversions. It demonstrates the band's talent as both expressionists and raw storytellers. It plays like a letter to an ex that we aren't meant to be reading, but we're able to piece enough details together to understand the depths of their relationship. "Waste My Revenge" is a triumph in the aftermath of having the wind knocked out of you. Even weaving such an intricate web of nuanced emotions and exposition, The Thing With Feathers never let the catchy hooks and melodies falter in priority. Dance first, cry later.

The Nashville-based band, The Thing With Feathers, bring an eclectic mix of alt-rock, indie pop, and dance to their wide-ranging sound. Lead vocalist, David Welcsh, began forming the band in 2016, though it wasn't until the fall of 2018 that his vision was fully realized along with the current lineup. The band released their debut EP, "Sundays in the South" earlier this year. "Waste My Revenge" is the second single and titular track to their upcoming sophomore EP.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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