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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Waste My Time" - VeeAlwaysHere

VeeAlwaysHere stays true to his artist name, taking the oath to ‘always be there’ a little too seriously in his newest track. He has found himself in the ping-ponging of love that is a situationship, as so many of us do. His single released this past March, “Waste My Time”, details his emotions and frustrations. The song is fast paced and electronic, almost feeling like something that would be played at a club. He wastes no time getting into the verses, the only intro being a couple of words drowning in a synth effect and a couple of plucks of an electric guitar. The quick pace of his words and electronic drums and guitars in the background make this song feel like a fun track, even though his lyrics are emotional and irritated.

His lyrics are a mix of foreground and background vocal tracks, giving the illusion of his main opinions, which then the voices in the back of his head combat. His chorus ends with “Even if we don't know where this is gonna go / isn't that what you're looking for / Go ahead and waste my time.” The bridge of this song is filled with his exasperation and annoyance at the situation, even though each line ends with him chanting “Go ahead and waste my time”. He would rather have this irritating situationship and at least have some of his partner than nothing at all. He gives her the go-ahead to keep playing around with his emotions, and he knows that all of this might just be for nothing. Despite this knowledge and his annoyance, this is not the end of this situation.

VeeAlwaysHere is 28 years old, and has always loved American Pop music, despite language barriers when he was young. Born and raised in Siberian Russia, he began writing his own music at a young age after learning the English language in less than three years. He is entirely self-taught, and works to produce, write, record, and mix all of his own music. His main focus is to create music that tells stories, such as the songs he fell in love with when he was a child. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more story-telling tracks from VeeAlwaysHere.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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