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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Wasted" - Haiden

There's a terrifying aspect about love because it makes you want to do anything for them, and with Haiden's newest single, "Wasted" we can see what happens when it goes too far. Being in a relationship makes you want to be vulnerable with them, trusting that when they tell you not to do something, spend more time with them, or change anything, it isn't going to hurt; your first instinct is to trust that they have your best interests at heart, but sadly that's not the case with this song. "Wasted" emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries with your significant other, ensuring they're a part of your life, not controlling it. Haiden bravely displays his vulnerability through the catchy melody and brutally honest experience.

A hypnotic feeling comes along with listening to "Wasted", and with the fire behind the meaning and empowering sound--it's a song you can't help but listen to on repeat. With a deep booming bass in the background, we're drawn into the words, feeling the intensity behind Haiden's writing. He juxtaposes the bass-backed chorus by adding a light, airy vibe into the two lines right before each one-- gripping our attention and introducing an exciting dynamic to the already stunning song. With intense lyrics like "All I have are regrets/Cause according to you/They don't love me like you do" Haiden touches on topics of toxic manipulation and isolation. Another topic we can see him speak about is regret-- the regret of letting himself stay in this relationship for as long as he did and the regret of letting them cut off the people most important to him. This powerful track shows his contempt for his ex and brings out a level of vulnerability with its haunting lyrics, melody, and bass.

Haiden is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter, and with his anti-love hit "Wasted" he releases his third single from his upcoming debut EP, "Good Grief!" said to come out later this summer. Establishing himself as someone with powerful guitar lines, harmonies, and thrilling lyricism, we can easily see Haiden connecting people of his generation with his music. With "Wasted", his other recent single, "Sorry to Your Next Ex", and other tracks, we can find Haiden making waves throughout the media and labeling him as a star to look out for.

Written by Jane Katryn



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