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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Wasteland" - FLEUR ROUGE

"Wasteland" is a piece about exposing the true intentions of the fake people of the world. FLEUR ROUGE quickly recognizes the tendencies of these people as they flaunt their most expensive assets to boost their ego or seem completely emotionally unavailable for the sake of seeming above everyone else. She is straight to the point, saying that she is "so done with all the bullshit" and all the "empty words from their lips." She is completely removed from the situation and observes their interactions as an outsider. This song delves into the idea of maturity and rising above petty issues such as caring what others think of you or making sure that you are the most popular person in the room.

With electronic influences and brooding vibes, FLEUR ROUGE created this dance-worthy yet very meaningful piece. The melody and her vocals both have an edge to them and emphasize the feeling of annoyance she feels towards the fake people around her. Her voice has a celestial sound to it and is very alluring for listeners to hear. The whole idea of this piece is that she is stuck in this wasteland of shallow souls, and the piece does a wonderful job of portraying her true feelings about this situation.

Half English, half French singer-songwriter FLEUR ROUGE has made a substantial debut entrance to the world of music. Her first release, shimmering glitch-pop single 'Growing Pains' graced the world at the end of Feb 2020. After securing support from the likes of BBC Introducing Manchester (where she now resides) & Spotify's editorial team (who found a home for 'Growing Pains' on New Pop UK). She is set to release a number of singles throughout 2020. Her next single SHE, written fresh from heartache tells the tale of conflicting emotions that ensue after a breakup.

Written By Melina Darlas



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