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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "We're Not Friends" - MIZUKI

MIZUKI doesn’t fail to impress, releasing a song called “We’re Not Friends” that sounds and feels like a dream. This latest single only teases listeners who are waiting for more from MIZUKI, but leaves them satisfied with the lyricism and beats that MIZUKI has created. This sound is matured and polished, and shows how much MIZUKI has grown in such a short amount of time. With the help of her production team, MIZUKi has been growing fast and releasing more and more amazing music. It's interesting to see how MIZUKI's music evolves, especially as a new artist.

This song’s production is genuinely immaculate, the beats in the background and the vocals all come together to make a dreamy pop song. MIZUKI’s vocals are amazing and lulling, only further enhancing the lyricism. The song goes on to describe a friendship that bends the rules, hinting at something more despite the partner insisting they’re “just friends”. It’s catchy, the songs sways and moves and it captures you with its rhythm. MIZUKI really plays into the want and the relationship between herself and the person she's singing about. It's captivating and lures the listeners in with curiosity and leaves them wondering.

MIZUKI is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is a Japanese-Australian pop artist. She’s been making music for quite a while, but only began to pursue it as a career when she crossed paths with her management team, ON3. She is a singer-songwriter that is just waiting to blow up, her music being proof of her immense talent. Debuting with “Over the Sun” and coming out with “We’re Not Friends” recently, it’s exciting to hear that MIZUKI will continue and release more music that continues to grow with her.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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