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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Wearing A Crown" - Evie Balfe

We wear multiple faces - become differing selves - throughout our day. It's a weird concept to read and grasp, but bear with me; the numerous situations and people we encounter daily require us to pick a specific self to appropriately respond to. For example, when talking to a parent, you're not going to communicate with them in the same manner you would with your closest friends - that would be odd. However, this idea makes one question whether or not we can ever obtain a face - a self - that is authentically us on a continual basis. Evie Balfe's "Wearing A Crown" discusses the emotions a person undergoes when finally achieving the authentic self.

"Wearing A Crown" is an electro-pop single with heavy, dark synths that steadily increase in momentum. As that momentum is building the listener is enraptured with Balfe's celestial vocals. The single takes a listener through the journey of struggling to be happy while transforming into one's authentic self. The song opens with the lyrics: "I'm wearing a crown / do I feel like / do I feel like / I'm special now / do I feel like I'm living the life I've been dreaming about". Within this context, the 'crown' is the authentic self and despite wearing it, being happy is still quite the challenge. The synths do a wonderful job of showcasing that this challenge is becoming harder and harder to contend with. But atlas, we persist - being happy demands a great deal of effort that makes the struggles worthwhile.

Evie Balfe is a singer-songwriter and musician with roots in Lincolnshire and now resides in London. "Wearing A Crown" is the second single from the artist's upcoming album "Do I Feel Like I'm Happy Now?", which was produced by James Albarn and mixed by Jake Raywood. She's a frequently featured artist on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire. On top of being a electronica-pop genius, she's also a talented visual artist! She even takes commissions, so definitely flood her DM's with art commissions! For now though, you can stream and listen to "Wearing A Crown" on repeat.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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