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  • Karlee Skipper


FLØRE has a captivating aesthetic containing grim themes and dark imagery that instantly attracts audiences. From the moment I first heard her song, “Backyard Body” from her last EP, I knew I would love her entire discography. Now with her latest single, “WEREWOLF,” the title naturally caught my eye as a fan of horror and the supernatural. This gloomy track utilizes the classic folklore legend as a metaphor for a toxic relationship in which one partner brings out the worst in the other. Similar to a full moon transforming a normal human being into a vicious monster of the night, this person brings out the feral sides of their partner. FLØRE’s clever lyrics throughout the track effortlessly describes her own experience with this. Despite her deep love for this person, she turns into someone she does not recognize. Through harsh words and bitter fights, she realizes that being with this person triggers a primal part inside of her that she cannot control. In the verse, she alludes to the metaphor with clever lines that subtle reference the folktale. Then in the chorus, she immediately reveals the hook as she sings: “You make me go werewolf, werewolf// Make me wanna tear out your throat.” She continues through the chorus, telling this toxic person the control they have over her and the unrelenting rage she feels. In the second half of the chorus, she continues with the lines: “And when the full moon’s exposed// I’m after your blood// Can’t you understand?// When we’re like this, I’m not who I am.” FLØRE takes this ingenious metaphor and flawlessly explains the intensity of the situation, and the level of self-loathing she feels due to this. In the second verse, she hits the listener with the line, “You make me the devil in disguise.” The singer admits that her actions as a result from this anger does not make her innocent or absolve her from any blame. Nevertheless, she is livid that the one she loves drives her to such extremes. It is an ingenious line that perfectly wraps up the message of the entire track. “WEREWOLF” is a brilliantly written song that eloquently illustrates this convoluted situation and the complex emotions that come with it.

With the deep, vivid imagery found within “WEREWOLF,” it comes as no surprise that the production complements the dark, angsty tone of the track. While the song is an upbeat pop track, the undertones of the soundscape encapsulate the unforgiving rage felt by FLØRE. The song kicks off with a chorus heavy guitar riff that is reminiscent to the layered chorus sounds of Nirvana. Additionally, airy synth sounds provided by a keyboard controls the lower register of the intro. A secondary synth sound is used for the build-up to the first verse. When FLØRE’s vocals begin, the drums are added while a bass is introduced to take control of the production. For the majority of the song, the vocals are layered to provide a greater dynamic to the track. In the second half of the verse, muted guitar power-chords with added distortion and some synth are introduced. Additionally, a melody utilizing the intro riff sound effect can be subtly heard in the background. This melody and the synth carry into the pre-chorus, where a light percussion and vocal echoes can be heard. A brief drumline introduces the synth bass heavy chorus. The initial guitar returns in the second half, enhancing the full production. Light percussion is utilized to transition into the second verse. The verse and the pre-chorus remain the same, without the echo effects, before a brief production pause introduces the next chorus. In the background, a lower register vocal effect and be faintly heard, providing an additional layer to the vocals. The post-chorus maintains the production while FLØRE showcases her impeccable range with powerful vocalizations. Utilizing a unique structure, the song goes into a third rendition of the pre-chorus, before transitioning into the bridge. An airy synth production guides the listener through the climax of the track. Before the final chorus hits, the listener can hear the sound of a wolf howling, bringing to life the captivating imagery of the track. The synth becomes more prominent in the last chorus while the production utilizes the lower register of the keyboard and vocals with light percussion, drawing focus on the lyrics. Another pause in the production is utilized as FLØRE’s vocals sing “who I am,” before exploding into the full production. The singer is heard harmonizing with herself in the higher register that effortlessly transitions into the post-chorus. This allows FLØRE to showcase her phenomenal range one last time before the song closes out. “WEREWOLF” is a flawless addition to FLØRE’s discography, showcasing her clever songwriting and enhancing her iconic dark aesthetic and themes.

FLØRE is an independent singer-songwriter from Germany. Her sound includes a range of rock, dark pop, and alternative. She is inspired by the darkness and aspires to write songs that “give this weird existence a meaning.” She made her debut in 2018 with her first single, “Flowered Guts.” Since then, she has released several standalone singles and three EPs, including her 2022 project, Rise of The Romaniac. In January 2023, she released her first follow-up single, “Zombie.” Each subsequent track since then have all been horror creature themed, with Alien,” “Skeleton,” and now “Werewolf.” This may be a hint at a possible fourth EP that wraps up this fascinating theme. Follow her on all socials too stay up-to-date with any upcoming releases from this new era of music!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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