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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "What I'm Made Of" - Tam Alawa

With a coffee mug in one hand and my cat in the other hand, I dance around my kitchen to loud music. I swirl and dip my grumpy cat at the crescendos while balancing my piping hot coffee with ease. I've done this performance hundreds upon thousands of times – it’s second nature at this point – it’s become a morning ritual. Most of the time I leave my home feeling empowered and ready to take on the day's obstacles because of this ritual. Then other times, the morning ritual falls short of its desired effect. Sometimes it's not enough; just the thought of potential obstacles overwhelms me. But thanks to Tam Alawa's 'What I'm Made Of', it hasn't been a problem lately. The self-reliant song gives me the extra vigor I crave.

‘What I’m Made Of’ is a transfixing concoction of rhythmic pop, ambient electronic, and a surprising mellow piano that emphasizes the mood. There’s one particular part of the song that I want to dissect for a moment – the middle 8 section. The electronic track the listener has become familiar with suddenly switches to a bright piano melody. Alawa’s sonorous vocals then quiet to an ethereal whisper, putting the listener in a suspended state of reality. Within this state, she whispers: “When the waves hit, I’m the undertow / When the fire starts, oh I’m the air that flows” and she repeats these lyrics with increasing vibrato as if talking directly to the listener’s subconscious. By doing so, Alawa is not only reassuring the listener of their inner strength but reminding them of it, too. It's the reminder that you need to hear before seizing the day and an absolute must to add to your morning ritual.

Based in London, Tam Alawa has her sights set on becoming a global sensation for all to resonate with and enjoy. In the upcoming months, the singer and songwriter will be releasing more emotional material for audiences to consume. ‘What I'm Made Of’ is the second of the two singles she currently has out, so be on the lookout for more! In the meantime, you can keep empowering yourself by either listening to the song on multiple streaming services or keeping up with Alawa on various social media platforms.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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