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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "What I Needed" - Tayiha

Tayiha’s, “What I Needed”, is a pop song about growth - both individually and in a relationship. According to an Instagram post that she made about the song, she states that in the process of writing it, she felt lost and confused about the direction of her life. In the song, she reflects on someone who showed up in her life that helped her feel complete and better her outlook on life. Although this person made her feel loved and needed, she also remembered that she needed to continue learning who she was and to appreciate everything that she has in her life. Self-love and growth is a process, but having someone by your side to push and help you along the way is a lovely way to feel supported on your journey. You cannot prioritize one thing, or person, over the other, because it’ll still affect you. Having both, and giving attention to them is important. This is what Tayiha is trying to get across to her listeners in this song

Tayiha starts off the song with a calm voice. She describes a feeling of relief from fear and compares it to the rain and storms fading away in the sky. Essentially saying that the dark cloud she was in had disappeared and she felt brighter, lighter and happier. Afterwards, the beat drops and she mentions another person involved. She describes them as someone that she felt connected with right away and how “everything made sense” when they were together. Tayiha was experiencing a loss of direction, but once this person had shown up and supported her, she began to realize that everything was going to turn out alright. She was learning to appreciate life one moment at a time, understanding, and having clarity with every moment she was in. The line “Everything makes sense when I’m with you” is significant because her person is what she needed to realize this. In the outro, she says, “Drying up my tears, it's all clear”, indicating her growth and awareness of how life will always get better as long as you put in the effort to make a change and have people supporting you along the way.

Tayiha is a 17 year old singer and songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. She has an impressive background and has shown that with how far she’s made it in competitions and award shows. She has been featured on MTV Hits with her “Not Feeling This” music video, as well as the October 2022 magazine issue of “It Girl.” In the ACMF National Songwriting Competition in 2021, she placed 2nd place for her song “Out of Range.” Her song “No Happy Ending” was written at the age of 14, and had led her to be a finalist at the 2021 Queensland Music Awards. Lastly, she was a top 5 finalist for the 97.3 FM “The Band Brisbane Built” in 2021. Tayiha is a unique artist with her own sound, defying any and all genres. She shines and is successful at her young age, and proves that with all of her accomplishments and amazing music.

Written By Sneet Efrem



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