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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "What is the Good in Goodbye" - Hannah Grace Colin x Mackenzie Sol

What is the Good in Goodbye is the first collaboration between the Dance Moms alumni, Hannah Grace Colin, and the American Idol contestant, Mackenzie Sol. A remix of her 2022 single, Goodbye, Colin dialed up Sol to turn this solo banger into a duet. This song details a relationship gone sour and finally saying goodbye to that toxic person in your life. In the first verse, he sings, "Don't want to take a chance and do this/Don't want to be the one that's foolish" and later, "If it's love, I don't think I need it." Damn, Mackenzie, that hits deep. Colin continues by saying, "I get a text from you/You say that you're gonna follow through/I heard that before, thank you." Yeesh... ICE COLD, HANNAH!!! The very catchy chorus sees both artists asking the question, "Tell me why... What is the good in goodbye?" Damn, guys. Really got me pondering.

What is the Good in Goodbye is an upbeat dance-pop song reminiscent of the summer jams of the late 2010s. Produced by Myles Erlick, the beat especially reminded me of Major Lazer's Justin Bieber collaboration, Cold Water. Just like that feel-good anthem, I could picture myself driving around Wildwood, New Jersey blasting it out of my mom's Honda Pilot... the most immaculate vibes. Though the song originally was performed by Hannah Grace Colin herself, Mackenzie Sol stuns in his reimagining of the opening verse. His voice blended very well with Colin, who absolutely slayed with her parts in this song. The very memorable chorus' climax to a beat drop was pop music perfection and is the reason this song is going straight to my pool party playlist. If you want a song that feels fun, look no further than this bop from Colin and Sol.

Hannah Grace Colin follows Mackenzie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes, and of course, JoJo Siwa as the next girl from Dance Moms to break out into the music industry. A native of New Albany, Indiana, the 19-year-old performer released her debut single, Control, in 2021. Since then, she's dropped a cover of Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me and of course, the original version of Goodbye. Mackenzie Sol was added to the new 'special' version and he brings the track up to another level. Originally known for his viral TikTok prank videos, the Las Vegas native gained a new following over the last year on the current season of American Idol where he is known for his sing-offs with Dutch singer Ziggy Krassenberg. The collaboration has me on the edge of my seat to see what happens in both of their careers and hopefully, see another collaboration between the two.

Written by Jordan Elliott




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