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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "What Love Is" - Morgan Paros

Photo Credits: Anna Lee

Morgan has given us a sweet, spunky, and sassy new single, titled “What Love Is”. Going through the trials of a relationship, we follow Morgan as she finds out “What Love Is” and even what it isn’t. With each line, she gives us a different remark on what things could have been. “Maybe we’d be strong. We’d get along. Baby we could eat pray love live”. There is a sense of hope towards the beginning of the song that fizzles out as we approach the end. As anger arises, Morgan ends the song with, “And all the other lies about what love is. I finally realize this time what love is. And what it isn’t”.

Starting with a smooth, easy-flowing sound, Morgan quickly jumps in with her steady voice, following a firm beat. As we get into the refrain, her voice builds with an electrifying sound, allowing every element to gain volume and power. She adds her own spirit; going back through the lyrics, more emotion is added with each beat. She brings us to a point in the song when everything flips. Morgan has come to the realization that this is not what love is, and her tone along with her words show it. Blasting into more of a rock effort, she finishes the song with passion and beautiful harmony.

Morgan Paros does it all: violinist, vocalist, and songwriter. The multi-talented artist is based in Los Angeles, where she has been able to grow her career in every way, taking her skills everywhere - from film scores to pop music. With her background in classical violin, Morgan has been able to launch herself as a pop artist. With every one of her 4 singles and now her EP, also titled "What Love Is", each of her songs creates its own world that you are completely engulfed in while you listen, leaving you wanting more. If you loved the title track, go stream the “What Love Is” EP now, and don't forget to follow Morgan below to see what she does next!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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