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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "What We Had" - Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie's single, “What We Had” was released earlier this year in May 2022. Kelsie has said this track is “all about moving on when a relationship does not bring you the joy and satisfaction you deserve". Her song can also relate to any kind of relationship that has turned unhealthy or toxic. “What We Had” is a powerful song, with thoughtful lyrics, and a hypnotic melody that might hit close to home for some. In her single, the artist sings of wanting to be free and not controlled by anyone or anything. With lyrics like, " It was so hard to find my way back home, but it’s best now that I’m all alone" and "It’s your loss, and my gain, single bed, once again", Kelsie does an amazing job of covering the strong emotions that are elicited by the loss of a relationship.

Kelsie uses her music to help bring change and awareness to popular issues. What We Had” is a song about being free and moving forward. I couldn’t have said it much better than Kelsie when she says, “Why stay in a rut when life is short and emotional bandwidth is limited?”. What I love about this artist is that she is not afraid to stand up and speak out for what she believes in and address that in her music. In her single, Kelsie is letting others know, “You can't change how I feel”. She uses lyrics from the heart, like “I am not a tire swing, another plaything, another fling” and hard-hitting ones like, “it's your loss, and my gain" to help prove her point. Kelsie also delivers an emotional performance in her video for this song which can be seen above. Kelsie's stunning voice and the recurring message of this song are something that I will not forget. I highly recommend this track to anyone who can relate to having any type of relationship that has not turned out the way they wanted and is looking to move on.

Kelsie is a 22-year-old musician and singer. She is recognized for sending powerful messages in her music as she often uses it to bring awareness to social issues. With nearly 14,000 Monthly listeners on Spotify, Kelsie's music has collectively been played over 500,000 times to date, including 50,000 plays alone for "What We Had". Since her first single, “Lobotomy” in 2020, the artist has put out 11 singles since, including “What We Had” and her newest, “Cosmopolitan Girl” which was released in September 2022.

Written By Jenna Barton



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