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  • Megan Cao

Review: "What You Did To Me" - Natalie Claro

“What You Did To Me” is a dark and emotional look at yourself in the mirror, revealing underlying self-hatred that haunts the self-esteem of many people. Barring her deepest and darkest insecurities in the lyrics of this song, Claro sets herself free from expectations imposed onto her, demonstrating to her crowds and her fans that loving yourself is essential. Though the song describes her anger, Claro showcases her strength and happiness at letting the worst parts of herself go. By incorporating a variety of genres to create dark and menacing soundscapes, she bounces effortlessly from catchy and popping to vulnerable and haunting.

Starting with melancholic tones, the song takes a tender turn as she reflects on herself and the choices that she’s made. As the song progresses, she explores more personal and introspective themes, with the production complementing the emotional depth that she’s delved into. With passion in her voice, Claro seamlessly blends the elements of rock, pop, and alternative genres into a gem that addresses the intense topic of self-hatred. Claro has a certain way that she tackles the issue, managing to get down to the bone of how and why self-hatred can be allowed to fester, whether from your environment, friends and family, or unfortunate circumstances.

Natalie Claro gained attention after her debut EP “Atychiphobia”. As she’s created work that addresses intense topics like politics, existential crises, mental health, and confidence, her standout talent must be her live performances -- with powerful vocals, crowd-surfing, cartwheels, and drum solos, her concerts spark life into those around her. Sharing a stage with the Plain White T’s Almost Monday, Hawthorne Heights, and many many more, Claro has completed a US headlining tour and has performed over 300 shows. Following her debut, she’s released more than 11 projects and her upcoming release is super to be certified as another banger.

Written By Megan Cao


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