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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Whatever (feat. 2 Far Out)" - FELIN

Delivering a fiery new single, FELIN has released her new song, "Whatever," which features a captivating collaboration with 2 FAR OUT. Shedding light on the inspiration behind the track, FELIN states, "'Whatever' tells the story of a destructive relationship, where passion and devotion collide with the harsh realities of toxicity, pain and mortality. Sometimes the love story just isn’t like in the movies, even if you would want it to be, you know. The song was originally written for FELIN, but when it was done it just felt like it was meant to be a duet. 'Whatever' is an energetic pop punk track and I’m so happy that the rising pop punk stars in 2 FAR OUT wanted to join in on the track."

Gritty and aggressive, FELIN feat. 2 FAR OUT packs a punch with their feisty pop-punk duet, "Whatever." The track features face-melting guitar riffs, exhilarating melodies, and spirited drums, creating a perfect, angsty backdrop for the song's bitter narrative. Encompassing the conflicting emotions in the single's lyrics, the singers' edgy vocals cut through the masterfully composed soundscape, showcasing the pent-up frustration that makes "Whatever" a track listeners can scream along to. Channeling the essence of pop-punk icons listeners know and love, FELIN and 2 FAR OUT embrace the legacies of acts like Avril Lavigne and P!nk, formulating a sound that is reminiscent of those artists.

Hailing from Stockholm, FELIN is an up-and-coming pop-punk artist that enjoys experimenting and pushing boundaries with sound and visuals. FELIN is the project of Elin Blom, an experienced songwriter and producer who has written for well-known artists like Adam Lambert. Accompanying her on this journey, Blom is surrounded by a creative collective (FELIN Collective), consisting of people who have experience creating music videos for acclaimed acts and have published visuals in magazines like Harper's Bazaar. Having already accomplished much, FELIN has played Rockpalast in Germany as well as several festivals around Europe. FELIN also takes pride in being a strong advocate for equality and feminism, incorporating this into her music. Some of FELIN's popular releases include "Worst Regret," "Heroes & Villains," and "Revolt."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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